I have had the pleasure of sharing my expertise with customers, academia, governments, and media around the globe. Here are some examples of the media coverage from these events.


Game Changers with Purpose, SAP Radio, 2018

Digital Leaders Show, 2016

Business Maker Show, 2016

HP Sales Radio, 2013

Technologies Role in Sustainability, Green Initiatives Conference, 2011

HP Customer Video on Green IT, 2010

Federal News Radio, 2010

Green Government, Federal News Radio, 2009

EPA Energy Efficiency Report, 2009

Federal New Radio, Part 1, 2009

Federal News Radio, Part 2, 2009

EcoReport, SkyNews Australia, 2010



Breaking Through Gridlock: The Power of Conversation in a Polarized World by Jason Jay, Gabriel Grant, 2017

Becoming a Sustainable Organization: A Project and Portfolio Management Approach by Kristina Kohl, 2016

Good Company: Business Success in the Worthiness Era by Laurie Bassi, Ed Frauenheim, Lawrence Costello, 2011

EU Regulatory Decision Making and the Role of the United States by Oliver Ziegler, 2012

Technological Developments in Networking, Education and Automation Edited by Khaled Elleithy, Tarek Sobh, Magued Iskander, Vikram Kapila, Mohammad A. Karim, Ausif Mahmood, 2010.

Growing Souls: Experiments in Contemplative Youth Ministry by Mark Yaconelli, 2007



SXSW 2018: Energy and Tech Executives Envision the Carbon-Free Future,” IEEE Spectrum, 2018

Climate Talks,” Mountain Xpress, 2018

Key considerations for integrating renewables into your procurement strategy,” HPE Enterprise.nxt, 2018

How Sustainability Leadership can Boost the Bottom Line,” HPE Enterprise.nxt, 2018

Pivoting from Reputation to Revenue: Sustainability as a Strategic Differentiator,” Sustainable Brands, 2017

Solving the Costly Zombie Server Problem,” The Green Grid, 2017

John Frey of HPE Explains Sustainable Supercomputing,” Adobe, 2017

Efficient IT Makes Sense But Why are Enterprises Slow to Fully Adopt It,” The Green Grid, 2016

Special Report: Building the Business Case for More Sustainable Hospitals,” Practice Greenhealth, 2015

How to Talk About Sustainability When It’s Not a Simple Win-Win” (Link 2), Knowledge@Wharton, 2015

Greener Hospitals: Building Consensus for Health Care Sustainability” Wharton Business School, 2015

Communicating About Corporate Sustainability – The Challenges,” Sustainability Update, 2015

Sustainability in Healthcare is More Important Than Ever,” MedSpeed, 2015

Hospitals Turn to Sustainable Purchasing” Healthcare News, Healthcare Finance 2014

Saving Money while Protecting the Environment,” Verizon, 2013

Collaborating for a More Sustainable Supply Chain” Supply Chain Management Review, 2012

HP: Innovating Towards A Low Carbon Economy” BusinessWeek, 2010

Following the Paper Trail: Measuring the Economic and Environmental Impact of Digital Content Delivery,” Conference paper, 2010

Taking a Walk on the Green Side at CES,” NPR, 2009

Tech Firms Go Green as e-Waste Mounts,” Boston Globe, 2008

Government Goes Green,” NComputing, 2008

HP Practicing What It Preaches with Internal Green IT Initiatives,” eWeek, 2008

Building sustainable IT” Australian Reseller News, 2008

HP on Reinventing Data Center Cooling” CRN, 2008

Business and climate change in Singapore” CSR Asia, 2007

Forces Pulling in Different Directions,” Financial Times, 2007

Green Machines,” CBC, 2007

Design Engineers Cool to Bioplastics,” DesignNews, 2007

Hewlett Packard Replaces Polycarbonate with RPET,” Plastics Today, 2007

Der Dotcom-Boom wird zum Öko-Boom,” Spiegel, 2007

Lead-Free Means You’re Still In The Game,” Electronic Design, 2006

U.S. Rules Allow the Sale of Products Others Ban,” Los Angeles Times, 2006

HP Expands Global Recycling Services, GreenBiz, 2006

Euro Rules Force Cleaner Gadgets,” Wired, 2006

Manufacturers Are Seeing Bottom-Line Benefits Of Designing For The Environment,” Industry Week, 2006

Skeletons on Your Hard Drive,” CNET, 2005



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